Effective traps for roaches to choose


Roaches are notorious for transmitting diseases and bacteria that may cause food poisoning. In addition, their allergens may cause acute asthma in some people. Cockroaches mostly live in secluded areas and cracks close to moisture and food. One of the commonly asked questions is what are the best traps for roaches.

Traps are the most effective method used to eliminate cockroaches in homes. They can be purchased at most grocery stores but with so many roach traps to choose from, selecting the right one can be quite daunting. Here is an overviews of the best traps for roaches to choose.

Black flag roach motel

Black flag Roach motel is fairly small, the roaches can only check into the box but cannot check out. It uses strong adhesive that holds onto any roach that makes contact. The roaches get stuck until they die. It does not use any pesticide or poison

What attracts the roaches?

roachesThe adhesive on this trap is mixed with an attractant that is irresistible to roaches. However, this smell can barely be noticeable unless you stick your nose. Even then, it smells like maple syrup so it is not a foul odor.

The adhesive of a black flag roach motel stays effective for many months as long as it is not covered in dirt and dust.

Due to its small size and no poison, this trap for roaches is great for use in the kitchen. You can place it on small appliances or even in the cabinets …